Friday, April 15, 2016

Plagiarism at Seeking Alpha, By Chris deMuth Jr.

It annoys the crap out of me that as soon as I allow Seeking Alpha editors to monitor my blog with a view to publishing an article, I see that what they are doing is monitoring to plagiarise. In my post of (04/06/2016) arguing that Tom Staggs departure from Disney could lead ultimately to a sale of Disney I also argued that Disney should buy Netflix.

"In our view, the ultimate way for Disney forward is to continue down the path of consolidation in the media business and then to sell itself to one of the social media companies--whose market caps are by the way are several times larger than Disney's. We believe that the purchase of Netflix, in particular, would add strategic strength to Disney's media and content businesses. Some of Viacom's troubled networks, or the other smaller cable networks (all of which are in play) could also fit, but are not going to move the investment needle dramatically."

My idea was based on my own understanding of Disney and the strategic logic of such a buy...Frankly I think it is inevitable, but the operative word is I think. I don't know. Two days later I see that Chris deMuth Jr., a favored author at Seeking Alpha, published a note and podcast suggesting that Disney would buy Netflix. Not that he was in favor, but there it is in the tag line and as a point without attribution. I don't mind being quoted--actually, I encourage it, but I sure don't like others claiming my ideas for their own.

The episode pissed me off. Hope you're monitoring this note Seeking Alpha. Next time, I expect you to cite where ideas come from.

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