Thursday, November 8, 2012

A letter to my Republican friends.

Dear Republican friends.
Obama won. Ahhhh, a surprise, right? No need for panic. Your candidate was decent. He was not a McGovern. But party positions were wrong headed.  Really screwy even given the make-up of the voting population. The party needs to stop fighting history. If it can, then there is hope for the GOP. A return to a GOP which is moderate, in tune with history and responsible fiscally would be an attractive home to many Democrats and independents.  What would it take? Simply traditional republican values--frankly the positions Romney took towards the end of the debates.
I wish I could celebrate the victory of the party I voted for. It says extraordinary things about the country we live that we look past the color of a man's skin in electing leaders. But, it feels bad to vote for an administration which has done ok, barely, to vote for four years of modest improvements, but not enough and to wish for something more. Much more. And to have no option.
And I know that you, my Republican friends, are equally if not more frustrated, and desperately want to disengage from ball and chain positions: the evangelical movement, immigration, women's reproductive health rights, gay marriage, even the tea party mantra's of the slash and burn deregulatory cut backs and the repeal of Obamacare. A Republican party which does not move to embrace the social issues that propelled Obama to victory is a running against the tide of history in this country and is a disenfranchised and irrelevant party--and who wants to be irrelevant?
So, I would love to vote Republican. But I can't for the moment.
Anyway, let us hope that the failed Romney Ryan effort will lead to a political choice that voters in the center can embrace.
How about Susan Collins for President!
Your friend,

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